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The road to the first Evanescence studio album since 2017, “The Bitter Truth,” began on an inauspicious note. After safety concerns forced promoters to cancel the final date of the band’s 2019 tour on Nov. 30 at Knotfest Mexico, a small group of angry attendees set fire to Will Hunt’s drum kit. Rather than let any lingering frustrations fester, Hunt and the rest of Evanescence used them as creative fuel.

During the video for the band’s thundering 2020 take on Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain,” Hunt pounds away on a kit that slowly becomes engulfed in flames. In context with the music, the fiery gesture has double meaning, representing the ominous finality within the song’s lyrics and symbolizing the band’s potential for a phoenix-like rise.

Embracing rebirth and resiliency is very in character for Evanescence; in fact, these ideas are central to the band’s appeal. Co-founded in 1995 by Amy Lee — a classically trained pianist with a piercing voice that cuts like a hot knife through butter — the group experienced numerous lineup changes over the years before settling into its current five-piece configuration.

Thematically, Evanescence’s lyrics frequently wade into darkness before moving into the light. Lee wrote the chugging, symphonic nu-metal hit “Bring Me to Life” about her future husband’s perceptive tendencies and ability to lift her out of emotional quicksand, while the protagonist of the orchestra-swept power rocker “Call Me When You’re Sober” is ready to cut ties with a toxic ex. There aren’t always happy endings in Evanescence songs — the aching piano ballad “My Immortal” touches on being unable to shake a powerful absent presence — but there’s always empathy for anyone navigating grief and sadness.

These coping mechanisms came in especially handy throughout 2020, as Evanescence collectively had to figure out how to finish its new studio album, “The Bitter Truth,” while dealing with the pandemic lockdown. Not only was health and safety a concern, but travel restrictions meant that guitarist Jen Majura couldn’t leave Germany to join up with the band.

Instead of being stymied by obstacles or derailed plans, Evanescence stayed nimble, dialed in its focus and found a creative groove — setting the stage for an exciting new chapter.

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Evanescence's "The Bitter Truth" is already available for pre-order. Check it out here:https://evanescencestore.com
The following is the TBT Official Track Listing:
1. Artifact/The Turn
2. Broken Pieces Shine
3. The Game Is Over
4. Yeah Right
5. Feeding The Dark
6. Wasted On You
7. Better Without You
8. Use My Voice
9. Take Cover
10. Far From Heaven
11. Part Of Me
12. Blind Belief