How Do Girls Flirt? Learn 19 Female Flirting Signs That Scream She Likes You (ULTIMATE BLUEPRINT)

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Learn everything you need to know to figure out if a girl is flirting with you. In today's video we're taking a look at 19 signs she's flirting with you, these will help you figure out if she likes you or how interested in you she really is. Be sure to pay attention to the way she interacts with you, her body language and the way she talks or texts you. So how do women flirt? Find out more below.

If you've clicked on today's video it's likely you've been asking yourself some of the following questions: Does she like me? Is she interested in me? Is she flirting with me? And many more of the sort. It's understandably a very tricky situation to be in. Luckily you're on the right channel to get to the bottom of this mystery.

Did you know that most guys are very clueless and confused when it comes to knowing the signs of when a girl is actually flirting with them. He probably thinks "she likes me, I think, but I need a bit more solid evidence to know for sure". But on the other hand, a girl will be thinking "I'm really ramping up the flirting right now and he hasn't actually paid attention and realised that I like him, what is going on?" So lets demystify together how girls actually flirt, once and for all.

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0:00 Intro
0:41 The constant gaze
1:13 Constant touches
2:20 The sassy talk
2:51 Her conversations are always playful
3:10 The strange yet lingering conversations
4:12 She reaches out to you first
4:35 She uses lots of emojis
4:51 She finds you hilarious
5:14 She caresses herself or things around her
5:44 She attempts to make you feel jealous
6:20 You've noticed that she always dresses well
7:08 She always tags you on social media
7:37 She is in touch soon as she leaves you
8:11 She chews gum around you
8:35 The notorious hair flip
9:00 She is leaning towards you
9:16 She is always nearby
9:45 She is overly interested in what you have to say
10:16 She gives you lots of compliments

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